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Tutti Frutti Smoothie

A Tutti Frutti Smoothie Recipe for All the Dessert Lovers Out There!-strawberries, watermelon, pineapple, and mango.

Tutti Frutti

How to Make a Tutti Frutti Smoothie Using 5 Simple Ingredients
When it comes to smoothies, I concede to being closed-minded, dull, and entirely out of touch. I only ever use fruit and have never added anything green. I'm sure I'm missing out on a lot of excellent smoothie combinations, but why tamper with a good thing?
So when my friend Deborah Harroun of the blog Taste and Tell sent me her new book Best 100 Smoothies for Kids, I was ecstatic. I intended to do something unique and unusual! But I didn't go very far because once I saw this tutti-frutti smoothie recipe, I was hooked.

Tutti Frutti

You can't possibly teach this old-ish dog new tricks.
I really want to try more of Deb's smoothies since there are so many that seem wonderful for summer refreshing, and I will, after my love for this one wears off. I adore this specific fruit combination—why don't I use watermelon in smoothies more often? And I enjoyed the subtle infusion of flavor from the coconut water, which was again another brilliant move by Deb.
My child and I have been enjoying these tutti-frutti smoothies for breakfast, lunch, and as an afternoon snack all week. I've even turned them into smoothie popsicles using a basic popsicle mold and my freezer—perfect for a hot day!
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A Tutti Frutti Smoothie Recipe

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